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We recognize that lawyers and judges are at risk for mental health difficulties at a rate far higher than the general population. We understand that good mental health and wellness is essential for the sustainability of lawyer wellbeing. We are committed to offering free resources to you to help your mental health before you reach a crisis in your life and in your career.

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Lawyer Well-Being In The Time of Covid-19 Redux On Demand

SPEAKERS: John Walsh, Ph.D., James Shields, Psy.D.

Due to the overwhelming response to “Lawyer Well-Being in the Time of COVID” CLE presented twice in 2020, KYLAP, in conjunction with the Association of Corporate Counsel, is happy to present on demand access to “Lawyer Well-Being In The Time of Covid-19 Redux”

Join our well-known experts, John Walsh, Ph.D., and James Shields, Psy.D., as we delve further into the well-being of lawyers, as we face the re-opening of the courts and schools – all in a very different reality. Our first event focused on some of our initial issues with sheltering in place and the effects of isolation. This event will focus on the profound anxiety and stressors we’re facing as we begin working almost exclusively in a virtual world, and as our kids begin the school year using virtual or distance learning, also. Managing the double-duties of practicing law and educating our children, in addition to our regular stressors in the practice can seem overwhelming. Our experts will offer practical tips and advice on maintaining our mental health so that our practices don’t suffer as we perform the additional responsibilities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic

The ‘S’ Word” Suicide Prevention for Lawyers

Activity# 237087
1.0 hour FREE CLE


Ask a Question, Save a Life – What Can I Do to Help or Get Help

Thriving Through the Law’s 5 Challenges

Activity #232677
1.0 hour FREE CLE


Mindfulness Tools for Ethical Attorneys: How Meditation Can Help You Build and Maintain an Ethical and Sustainable Law Practice

Activity# 236305


What Every Attorney Needs to Know about Depression, Anxiety, and Suicide

Activity #232930
1.0 hour FREE CLE


Good Mental Health and Managing Holiday Stress

Activity #236904
1.0 hour FREE CLE

On Demand Evaluation

Lawyer Wellbeing & Inclusion: It’s Everybody’s Bar

Kentucky Lawyer Assistance Program

Kentucky Supreme Court Rules 3.900 through 3.995 establish and implement the Kentucky Lawyer Assistance Program (KYLAP).  KYLAP is a broad-brush program involving assistance for impairment that may result from addiction to intoxication or drugs, chemical dependency, substance abuse, mental disease, mental disorder or defect, psychological or emotional illness that impairs, or may foreseeably impair, a person’s ability to practice law or serve on the bench. Services are available for law students, lawyers and judges.

The mission and purpose of KYLAP is to address impairment or potential impairment issues within the Kentucky legal community and to offer confidential assistance to those who are affected in a manner that serves to help insure a continuing high standard of professional competence.

Strict confidentiality is assured by SCR 3.990.  

Contact us 24 hours a day at (502) 226-9373 to get help for any Kentucky lawyer in need.


Pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 3.990, all communication with KYLAP is confidential.


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The KYLAP Foundation needs your support to enhance the services we can provide to lawyers in need. Click here to learn more.