Kentucky Lawyer Assistance Program

Helping Kentucky Lawyers Cope With:

  • Substance Abuse/Dependence
  • Depression
  • Work Related Stress
  • Compulsive Gambling
  • Eating Disorders

Contact us at (502) 564-3795 to get help for any Kentucky lawyer in need. All communication with KYLAP is confidential.

Kentucky Lawyer Assistance Program (KYLAP)

KYLAP is a program of the Kentucky Bar Association that offers help to members of the Kentucky legal community who are struggling with mental health issues, such as depression, alcohol and drug abuse, stress, compulsive gambling or any other condition that may adversely impact the individual's personal or professional life.

Recommended Resource: Why Every Lawyer Should be Practicing Mindfulness

Jeena ChoIn this two-part article, author Jeena Cho says this: "While corporate America is reaping the benefits from mindfulness practice, law firms are falling behind by standing on the sideline looking to see who’s going to be the first to adopt a firm-wide mindfulness training... This may sound radical, but I’ll say it. Every lawyer should be practicing mindfulness."


Read the article here:


The Anxious Lawyer book Jeena Cho has also written (with co-author Karen Gifford) The Anxious Lawyer (ABA). Readers will be guided through an eight-week program which will enable them to establish an ongoing meditation practice. This guided program will make learning practical and accessible to lawyers. This simple and straightforward introduction to meditation and mindfulness for lawyers is now available by clicking here.


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Local Crisis Lines

Note: KYLAP is a service offered to bar members and law students. Services provided are not available to the general public. KYLAP is not a lawyer referral service. For help in finding a lawyer referral service please contact the Kentucky Bar Association at (502) 564-3795, or view the lawyer locator on the KBA website: All calls to KYLAP are strictly confidential. SCR 3.990

Kentucky Lawyer Assistance Program
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